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Dear {due_date_calculator___user},

Below is the detailed due date calculator and weekly timeline of your pregnancy. Note this report is based on the Last menstrual date provided by you on our website. These are only approximate dates and dates may vary according to your menstrual history.

Your LMP Details    
Your Last Menstrual Period {due_date_calculator___lmp}    
Estimated conception date {due_date_calculator___cdate}    
Your Likely Due Date {due_date_calculator___duedate}    
About Your Pregnancy    
Number of days pregnant {due_date_calculator___dayspregnant}    
Number of weeks pregnant {due_date_calculator___weeks}    
Number of days left {due_date_calculator___daysleft}    
Your current Trimester {due_date_calculator___trimester}    
Your Trimester Dates    
Your First Trimester starts
Your Second Trimester starts
Your Third Trimester starts


Your Pregnancy Weeks

Week 1  {due_date_calculator___wk1}        Week 13  {due_date_calculator___wk13}      Week 28    {due_date_calculator___wk28}         
Week 2 {due_date_calculator___wk2}  Week 14 {due_date_calculator___wk14}  Week 29 {due_date_calculator___wk29}         
Week 3 {due_date_calculator___wk3}  Week 15 {due_date_calculator___wk15} Week 30 {due_date_calculator___wk30}         
Week 4 {due_date_calculator___wk4}  Week 16 {due_date_calculator___wk16}  Week 31 {due_date_calculator___wk31}         
Week 5 {due_date_calculator___wk5}  Week 17 {due_date_calculator___wk17}  Week 32 {due_date_calculator___wk32}         
Week 6 {due_date_calculator___wk6}  Week 18 {due_date_calculator___wk18}  Week 33 {due_date_calculator___wk33}         
Week 7 {due_date_calculator___wk7}  Week 19 {due_date_calculator___wk19}  Week 34 {due_date_calculator___wk34}         
Week 8 {due_date_calculator___wk8}  Week 20 {due_date_calculator___wk20}  Week 35 {due_date_calculator___wk35}         
Week 9 {due_date_calculator___wk9}  Week 21 {due_date_calculator___wk21}  Week 36 {due_date_calculator___wk36}         
Week 10 {due_date_calculator___wk10}  Week 22 {due_date_calculator___wk22}  Week 37 {due_date_calculator___wk37}         
Week 11 {due_date_calculator___wk11}  Week 23 {due_date_calculator___wk23}  Week 38 {due_date_calculator___wk38}         
Week 12 {due_date_calculator___wk12}  Week 24 {due_date_calculator___wk24}  Week 39 {due_date_calculator___wk39}         
    Week 25 {due_date_calculator___wk25}  Week 40 {due_date_calculator___wk40}         
    Week 26 {due_date_calculator___wk26}             
    Week 27 {due_date_calculator___wk27}             


Your Significant Milestones

Your  baby is conceived {due_date_calculator___wk2}         
positive Pregnancy Test {due_date_calculator___wk4}   
Organs begin to form, heart starts to beat {due_date_calculator___wk5}   
Major organs are formed, heart can be heard {due_date_calculator___wk10}   
Second trimester starts {due_date_calculator___wk12}   
Miscarriage risk reduces from this date {due_date_calculator___wk12}   
Now is a good time to announce your pregnancy {due_date_calculator___wk14}   
Your baby can now see light from this date {due_date_calculator___wk15}   
Your baby's gender is visible on ultrasound {due_date_calculator___wk16}   
You can feel your baby's movements from this date {due_date_calculator___wk18}   
Your baby can now hear sounds {due_date_calculator___wk19}   
Premature babies now have a chance to survive {due_date_calculator___wk23}   
Third trimester starts this date {due_date_calculator___wk27}   
Your baby can now breathe from this date {due_date_calculator___wk27}   
Fingernails and toenails start forming from this date {due_date_calculator___wk32}   
Your baby is now considered full term {due_date_calculator___wk37}   
Your baby can be born anytime from this date {due_date_calculator___wk40}  


To know more about due date and how it is calculated, please click

here. https://www.medhealthtv.com/index.php/consult/faq


Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy. For a much detailed report and for asking questions please register on our website and fill the pregnancy form under the menu Consult. 


Team MedHealth 

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