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Dear {pregnancy___name}

Thanks for consulting with MedHealth TV. At Medhealth TV we strive to bring you the best possible opinion. After going through the history which was given by you and after looking through the reports that you provided, we are able to give you the following opinion. Note that, Without information on your Health Record it is simply not possible to get an accurate reply. Creating your Health Record needs to be done only once and it is stored on the site. You can access your Health Record anytime and from anywhere using your User Id and Password. Note that, this is a virtual consultation that is based entirely on the information provided to us by you. Please make sure all the information you enter or tell our representative or doctor is true. 

Below is the information you provided to us on the website - 

Contact Information

Name {pregnancy___name}
Age {pregnancy___age}
City {pregnancy___citytown}
State {pregnancy___state}
Occupation {pregnancy___occupation}

Menstrual History

LMP {pregnancy___lmp}  
Your periods typically last  {pregnancy___daysofperiod} days every month  
Periods occurs typically every {pregnancy___daysbetweenperiods} days



Method of confirmation of pregnancy {pregnancy___confirmationmethod}  
Your general health, appetite and mood has been {pregnancy___generalhealth}  
You had bleeding {pregnancy___bleeding} during the first trimester   
The bleeding has been * {pregnancy___howmuchbleeding}  
Have you been been experiencing pain in the abdomen? {pregnancy___painabdomen}  
Duration of pain {pregnancy___durationpain}  
Radiating to  {pregnancy___radiationpain}  
Have you felt any baby movements yet  {pregnancy___babymovements}  
Do you have urgency, frequency and pain during urination? {pregnancy___urgency}  
Do you have fever associated with it? {pregnancy___fever}  
Do you have vomiting?  {pregnancy___Vomiting}  
Do you have discharge from vagina? {pregnancy___vaginaldischarge}  
Describe the discharge? {pregnancy___typeofdischarge}  
Do you have itching or scratching at the vagina? {pregnancy___vaginalitching}  
Have you taken TT injection? {pregnancy___ttinjection}  
How many doses? {pregnancy___dosesoftt}  
Do you have any swelling in the legs ? {pregnancy___swelling}  
Do you feel breathless easily, like after walking a few steps? {pregnancy___breathless}  
Are you having increasing episodes of headache? {pregnancy___headache}  
Are you having increasing episodes of dizziness? {pregnancy___dizziness}  
Do you have increasing blurring of vision? {pregnancy___blurringvision}  

 * heavy; more than 3 pads a day/moderate (1 pad a day)/spotting (Pad not needed)?


Past Obstetric History 

How many pregnancies have you had including this one

( Please include any pregnancy which lasted beyond 24 weeks)?

Did you have any miscarriages/ terminations before 24 weeks ?  {pregnancy___numberofmiscarriages}
Reason for miscarriage? {pregnancy___reasonmiscarriage}
Please enter the age of your last child? {pregnancy___agechild}
Were your previous deliveries normal or C-section? {pregnancy___previousdeliveries}
 If C-Section - Reason  {pregnancy___reasoncsection}



Weight before pregnancy in Kg {pregnancy___weightbefore}
Height in feet and inches {pregnancy___height}
Body mass index {pregnancy___bmi}
Weight now in Kg {pregnancy___weightnow}
Do you know your blood group? {pregnancy___bloodgroup}


Personal History 

How is your sleep? {pregnancy___sleep}
Do you smoke? {pregnancy___smoking}
Do you take alcohol? {pregnancy___alcohol}
How are your bowel habits? {pregnancy___bowelhabits}


Diet and Exercise 

How many times do you take fresh fruits, vegetables, and milk? {pregnancy___diet}
Are you using any supplement?  {pregnancy___supplement}
Do you take a walk every day? {pregnancy___walk}


Social History

Type of family {pregnancy___family}
Any history of consanguinity? {pregnancy___consanguinity}
Any history of chromosomal abnormalities in the family? {pregnancy___abnormalities}
Please upload if you have any Scan {pregnancy___scanresults}


Past Medical History

Do you have any pre-existing medical conditions which we need to know like - High Blood Pressure/Diabetes/Thyroid Disease/PCOD/Infertility Treatment/Kidney Disease/HIV/Obesity (BMI more than 25)? {pregnancy___medicalconditions}
Any other information you would like to share with us (any allergies/medications)? {pregnancy___Medications}



Blood report {pregnancy___bloodreport}
Please upload your ultrasound report {pregnancy___usreport}
Anomaly Scan results {pregnancy___scan}
Last recorded blood pressure reading {pregnancy___bp}
Any other scan please upload {pregnancy___anyotherscan}


Question For Today

What is the question you have for us today?  {pregnancy___what_is_the_question_you_have_for_us_today_}


Please make sure all the information you provided to us is correct. Our doctor will go through your details and will revert to you in 72 hours.



Team MedHEalth TV 




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