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First step in any kind of consultation is registering and then creating a medical record. Without information on your Health, it is not possible to get an accurate reply. Creating your Health Record needs to be done only once and it is stored on the site. You may need to enter your details like height, weight, your social habits, your medical and pregnancy history, any test reports you may have, or any medication that has been prescribed to you, you can also upload your prescription and finally the question you want to ask. You can access your Health Record anytime using your User Id and Password. We store all your medical records securely. These records are seen by the doctor before the consultation.  The doctor records his diagnosis and advice and a comprehensive report will be sent to you by email. We will keep your records for further reference. Your records will be saved and anytime you come back to us for any other issue, we can track your history. Please remember to quote your medical record number for any future communication. 

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