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Burping your baby

Priya noticed that her newborn would spit up a lot after every feed. She also observed that her weeks old baby would not feed for more than 5 minutes and would get uncomfortable. She was worried if the baby was getting enough of her milk.

Do you also observe that the baby gets fussy during or after feedings and does she spit up after feeding? Well, it is likely that your baby is swallowing air with the milk. This can make the baby full soon and also cause some discomfort.

When baby drinks, they tend to swallow a little air along with the breast milk, air bubbles can get trapped in the stomach and make them feel uncomfortable. Burping the baby after every feed can help in getting rid of those bubbles.

How do we burp the baby?

Burping is needed to get the bubbles out of the baby. Along with the bubbles the baby may also spit up a little-curdled milk. Make sure you have a burp cloth close to you.

Hold the baby against your shoulder and gently rub against his back. Do it for a couple of minutes and you can sometimes feel the baby burp. Placing the baby with the head down on your lap so that his/her stomach is one one of your leg and the head is out turned to one side and patting on the back can also get rid of the air bubbles. Holding your baby in a seated position and supporting his/her head with one hand and rubbing on the back can also help.

While breastfeeding, it is advisable to burp the baby after feeding for a couple of minutes or when you switch from one breast to another. Bottle fed babies may need to be burped after they feed 60 to 90 ml of milk.

Burping can make the baby more comfortable and enjoy his/her feed time better. They are more comfortable and manage to take more feed.

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Dr Padma

Dr Padma is a Family care physician and is the Founder and CEO of MedHealthTV.


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