02 May

Diaper Bag: Things You Need To Carry Along With Your Baby

You just don’t carry your baby when you are going out or traveling a long distance but a lot of stuff too which your baby may need at any time. Yes, being a parent is being prepared. All you need is a diaper bag which fits all your baby necessities and you are an all set go.

But, wait, what are you going to pack in a diaper bag?

Well, it depends on how old your child is and how long you are going to be not home.

Here are few essentials you should always remember to carry in a diaper bag:

1. Diapers: Most probably you may have to go for disposable diapers as you can dispose off them on the way (read dustbins) after use as cloth diapers may need a wash after the use. Carry as per every two hours and few extra in case if you need.

2. Box of wipes: Again, it depends on how long you will be out. Ten or a fifteen will do if you are going for a short outing. Wipes can also be used for sticky hands and to clean dirty surfaces along.

3. A diaper rash cream: A sore bottom is unpredictable when you are out with your baby and mostly dependent on diapers and wipes. Take care of his/her tender skin.

4. Changing pad: Don’t put them down without a changing pad while changing his/her diapers. Many diapers bag comes with a reusable changing pad or you can always carry one from home or buy one. When buying one always prefer a water-resistant one.

5. Receiving Blanket (Nap Blanket): Comes in handy to put your baby down when he/she is in a deep sleep. You can always cover your baby with a nap blanket to protect from brisk winds and high or cool temperatures.

6. Hand sanitizer: Just to make sure your hands are clean after a diaper change in case you don’t have water or no time to wash them.

7. Clothes (Extra): You will never know when spit-up, drool, spills or bowel movement will demand a change of clothing

8. Bottle: Be sure to pack bottles of expressed breast milk in a cooler. If you're using formula, bring a bottle with dry formula already in it, or try single-portion packets. They won't take up much space in the diaper bag.

9. A favorite toy: When he/she goes rattle or just cannot agree with everything you do then a favourite toy of his/her is almost a saviour.

10. Pacifiers: If your baby uses a pacifier, you know how important it is to always have one on hand at all times. Never be caught without one; pack two extra pacifiers in a plastic storage bag.

11. Sunscreen or a hat

12. Water bottle

13. Emergency Information: Phone numbers of your paediatrician, neighbour, emergency contacts, your spouse, and friends. Email address, physical address, and phone numbers are always useful in emergencies or if ever the bag gets lost.


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