16 May

Congratulations to the new mom

Congratulations to the new mother. You have delivered a beautiful baby. You are happy and so is the entire family. The first few days are going to be tough taking care of your baby. Your baby is new and does not have any prefixed pattern in terms of food or sleep habits and you can be lost figuring out what his/her cry means - Is he/she hungry? Is she/he sleepy? Is she/he in pain? Is it the diaper? Is it the temperature?

The questions that come to the mother's mind are numerous. But, don’t worry, within a few days you both will begin to understand each other's cues. A couple of months down the line - You are a Pro.  But, in the midst of the new arrival, moms tend to neglect their health. They are busy with the baby and taking care of themselves is last in the list of to-do things. My advice - Please don’t do that!

Woman of the family is the backbone of the family, she is like the roots of the family tree. If the roots begin to give way, then the entire tree can collapse. So, take care of yourself.

Some tips for the new mom:

-  Get some time alone for yourselves or hang out with friends. You can probably leave the baby with your spouse/mother or a babysitter for a while.

-  Start exercising, go to the parks, walk with the baby in a stroller. It can be a great time to expose the baby to nature around.

- Watch what you eat - especially if you are nursing your baby. Eat healthy and nutritious food. Include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.

-  Keep away from street food for a while - You don’t want to get sick at this time. Take short naps when the baby is asleep.

-  Lack of sleep and disturbed sleep can last until the baby is a couple of months old and sleeping through the night. You need to find time to steal a nap into your routine.

- The baby is especially prone to infections in the first few months, so avoid crowded places where the baby has a chance to contract infections from others. Avoid visitors who may have infections. Always wash your hands before carrying the baby, also ask your visitors or friends to wash their hands before they carry the baby. Just this one practice, can keep many infections at bay.

Congratulations again! Remember - You are a mother not a superhuman with ten hands - Take care of yourself, your baby.  Family and social obligations come next. 

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Dr Padma

Dr Padma is a Family care physician and is the Founder and CEO of MedHealthTV.


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