16 October

Breastfeeding myths

Advice stream-in via phone calls, guests, friends, grannies and neighbours when you have announced your pregnancy. After the uphill of pregnancy, once the baby arrives,  The story continues. This time around it is from baby food, baby sleep to advice on breastfeeding. I am sure most of them are well intended, but a few common myths about breastfeeding which we recommend you not to believe are 

Myth: Breastfeeding is painful
Truth: Do not believe in it. It is not that painful. Unless your baby isn't latching properly or you might have cracked nipples or engorgement. All these problems can e fixed. Please consult your doctor or nurse. They may be able to help you with the latching. Once the baby knows to latch properly, the problems seem to cease.

Myth: Smaller the breasts lesser the breast milk
Truth: Bigger or smaller, breast milk production has nothing to do with the size of your breasts. A healthy diet and eating well enough can help you produce more milk.

 Myth: Breastfeeding makes breasts to sag
Truth: A big no. Breastfeeding has a lot of benefits for you and your baby. Don't give an ear to people who say breastfeeding can make your breasts saggy. It has been proven from studies that multiple pregnancies, smoking and age can cause saggy breasts but not breastfeeding.

 Myth: Your newborn can be allergic to breast milk
Truth: Your baby is not going to be allergic to breast milk. It is the food you are consuming while breastfeeding him or her. The composition of breast milk may make babies, not like the feed. Keep a track of the days your baby refuses milk and try to keep a note of the foods that you might have eaten in your previous meal. Change your diet accordingly. 

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Venkatesh Rathod

Venkat handles content management for MedHealthTV.

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