23 January

How long to wait for the second pregnancy?

Megana had come for her first postpartum checkup. She had some questions to the doctor about contraception. when can she get pregnant again? How soon is too soon? What is the ideal gap period between two babies?

The Doctor said - Meghana - Some women cannot imagine having another baby after giving birth, while others cannot wait to start planning for another one soon.

There is no right or wrong way to feel about getting pregnant after childbirth. But think about how practical it is for you. Take into consideration that getting pregnant too soon can interrupt the breastfeeding. In general, it is better to avoid sex at least until the postpartum bleeding has stopped and pain has disappeared. It is said that as long as a woman is breastfeeding she usually may not be ovulating and thus the chances of pregnancy are less. But this is not a foolproof method and it is better to have other precautions in place if you have no plans of getting pregnant soon.

Getting pregnant again too soon after giving birth increases the risk of adverse outcomes for both the woman and baby. Recovering from birth takes time, especially if there were complications. The safest option is to wait for 18 to 24 months before planning for another pregnancy.

Megan went back home thinking about the doctor’s advice. She wanted to discuss with her Husband and get back to the doctor.

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Dr Padma

Dr Padma is a Family care physician and is the Founder and CEO of MedHealthTV.


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