29 March

Spotting during first trimester

Spotting or light brown vaginal bleeding can occur in both viable and nonviable pregnancies. It is obviously very easy to panic and fear the worst especially in the first trimester when you are just about sharing the news with your near and dear and are very excited about the future, but try to stay calm. Miscarriage is only one of the many causes of spotting. 

Common Causes of Spotting During Early Pregnancy are

- Recent sexual intercourse

- Recent pelvic exam

- Recent transvaginal ultrasound

- Cervical ectopy

- Implantation bleeding

- Cervical infection (cervicitis)

Spotting After Sex (Postcoital Bleeding) - Bleeding after sex most often occurs in women. In two-thirds of cases, bleeding after sex is benign and no cause can be found. In other women, however, spotting after sex can be attributed to things like cervicitis, or infection and inflammation of the cervix, which is part of the birth canal and the tissues that link the vagina to the uterus. A common cause of cervicitis among women is chlamydia, which requires treatment with antibiotics.

While most cases resolve on their own, it is always advisable to seek the opinion of your Doctor when you notice any spotting or bleeding.


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