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Did you know - Interesting facts about pregnancy

Did you know - Interesting facts about pregnancy (0)

Here we bring you one interesting fact about prenatal, pregnancy, postpartum and child care every month. Don't forget to come back for more.

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Exercise during Pregnancy

Exercise during Pregnancy (0)

Here you will articles relating to exercise and physical activity during pregnancy and post-partum 

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Pregnancy News

Pregnancy News (4)

In this section, we would like to bring you news relating to Pregnancy from around the world. 

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22 April
Rani was pregnant with twins. She has been going through her regular appointments with the Doctor. The Doctor was very happy with the progress of her pregnancy. She has been doing well and so also her babies. today she had come for her 8 month…
04 April
Sixteen year old Dolly had been having painful periods for sometime now. She has her periods every 30 days but she was suffering from immense pain on the second and the third day of period. She also had some bloating in her lower abdomen. It’s…
29 March
So why do pregnant women experience gastritis? Gastric motility decreases (Food moves slower) as all the muscles are relaxed due to the hormones released during pregnancy along with the slowed movement the gastric emptying time (time taken for the food to go to the small…


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