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Diarrhea during pregnancy

Pregnancy brings about a lot of changes in the woman’s body. She can have symptoms from increased frequency of bowel movements to sometimes constipation, increased the frequency of urination, vomiting nausea and many more symptoms. While some are considered normal. There are a few symptoms which you may need to watch out for and consult with your Doctor.

The frequency of bowels could sometimes be because of the change in diet that you may adopt. Woman, become health and diet conscious during pregnancy and may begin to include more vegetables and fruits in their diet. Sometimes eating so much fiber can cause increased bowel movements. It is normal to have 2 to 3 bowel movements a day, but if the frequency increases along with abdominal pain, it may be good to seek your doctor’s help. It could be a sign of a stomach infection. Diarrhea in most pregnant women is caused by the same things that cause it in a woman who is not pregnant: Viruses are the main culprit. You can get a stomach virus, food poisoning that could lead to severe diarrhea, no matter what stage of pregnancy you are in. Too much dairy products or sugary products can cause diarrhea. Antibiotics given for any other infection can, in turn, cause diarrhea in some pregnant women. So please be careful when you are on antibiotics and keep yourself hydrated.


If you are suffering from diarrhea here are a few things you can do


  • Try eating simple bland diets till diarrhea comes down like mashed rice cereal, Bananas, kichdi, bread toast
  • Avoid sugary drinks, like fruit juices and coke. These can actually draw water away from your body and soon make dehydration worse. You can take ORS mixed with plain filter water. This will help keep you hydrated while you fight off diarrhea.
  • Do not take medications without asking the doctor. You should never take medications for diarrhea unless directed by your doctor. Some medications marketed for diarrhea may contain substances which are not good for you or the baby during pregnancy.
  • If you are dealing with severe diarrhea, showing signs of dehydration, suffering from abdominal pain, showing signs of preterm labor, or passing stools that are bloody, mostly liquid or filled with mucus, Please consult your doctor and see them immediately.

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Pregnancy brings a new meaning to the concept of beauty to a woman. It is a period of immense joy, excitement and anxiety. The feeling of carrying a little soul within you is beautiful.


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