14 February

Pregnant during Summer

Summer is here and being pregnant during summer months can make you more tired and hot. Pregnant women’s body temperature is usually higher than normal and to add to it the outside heat, can make them more dehydrated and feel uncomfortable.

If the outside temperature is very hot, it is advisable for you to stay indoors and keep your body cool. You can use a damp cloth on your back and on your forehead to bring down the body temperature if it is very hot. If you are perspiring a lot, make sure you drink lots of water and sometimes ORS to keep yourself hydrated and replace the electrolytes lost in the sweat.

Pregnant women also need to take care of their skin during summer as their skin is more susceptible to sun damage. Pregnant women’s skin is already stretched, along with the stretch the heat of summer may make your skin drier. You may also experience more itching because of the dryness. So make sure to use some moisturizer.  Miliaria, or prickly heat rash, can be caused by both heat and sweat. It typically occurs where two skin surfaces have touched or rubbed, such as beneath your breasts.

Prevent the rash by patting the area between skin folds dry immediately following a bath or shower. Also wear lighter fabrics, such as cotton that will not cling to your body.

Some tips for summer pregnancy

  • Wear cotton and loose fitting clothes. Cotton clothes are more breathable and tend to keep the body cool.
  • Always keep a bottle of water with you and drink water when you are thirsty
  • Avoid too much coffee and Tea
  • Reduce salty and spicy food. This makes you feel more thirsty.
  • Keep outdoor activity to the minimum in the afternoon and go out in the evenings for a walk when it is cooler
  • Get indoors at the first sign of dehydration like lightheadedness, headache, weakness fatigue. Drink water and electrolyte solutions and lie down for a while. If you don’t feel better then contact your doctor immediately.


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