16 February

White discharge during pregnancy - Is it normal?

A woman undergoes a lot of hormonal changes during pregnancy. These changes could result in the signs and symptoms of pregnancy. Mild vaginal discharge during pregnancy is normal. It is usually thin, white milky and mildly smelling and is called leucorrhea. This discharge is usually made up of secretions and old cells of the cervix and vagina, it may also have some harmless bacteria. It is said that some women may have increased white discharge as they approach delivery.

Some signs to watch for -

  • If the quantity of discharge suddenly increases and if you are leaking a lot of watery fluid or if the discharge is unusually thick, then it may be a sign of premature labor. Contact your doctor.
  • You have thin white or gray discharge with a fishy smell, this could be due to bacterial infection. This infection is normal during pregnancy, but if the infection ascends up into the uterus it may cause premature labor, so it is better to get treated.
  • If the discharge changes in color to yellow or greenish and if it becomes smelly and associated with redness and itching in the vaginal area and burning urination. It may be a sign of a yeast infection. You should report to your doctor about this and she may prescribe appropriate treatment for it. One of the most common infection during pregnancy is a yeast infection or candidiasis.

What can you do to prevent vaginal infections

  • Wash the genital area with plain water and try to keep the area dry.
  • Wear loose clothing and underpants
  • Wipe from front to back after urination.

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