28 March

2. Know more about your baby and how you feel this month

How does the baby look in the second month of pregnancy

The baby slowly becoming a human shape and now it is almost the size of a black-eyed bean. You may not feel it but your baby is in constant movement. By the end of the 2nd month, your baby is 1.5 cm to 2.5 cm in length.

As early as 3 weeks of fertilization the outer layer of the embryo is thickening along the middle line and forming two longitudinal folds. Between the folds is a groove that closes to form the neural tube which forms the future spinal chord and brain. In 7 weeks the embryo is roughly one centimetre long and appears in the ultrasound as a bright dot in the fetal sac inside the uterus of the mother. The length of the embryo is called the crown-rump length and is measured from the top of the head of the embryo to its rump. At 8 weeks the embryo, has a spinal chord developed which can be seen through the transparent skin and muscles are beginning to form and over these muscles the skin forms in two layers.

How will you be feeling this month

 This is the time when women feel many changes in their body both physically and mentally. All these changes could be attributed to the hormonal changes in the women. You may start feeling nauseous at the sight and smell of certain foods. This is called “morning sickness”. Although this is not limited only to morning.

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