28 March

Know more about your baby and how you feel this month - Month 3

How does your baby look this month

By the end of the 3rd month the baby is as big as a Plum fruit and 7.6 cm - 10 cm long but inside this body, all organs are already in place. The danger of miscarriage also begins to come down from this week. From this point on Biologists call the embryo a fetus.

How will you be feeling this month

By the third month of pregnancy your nausea and vomiting could peak, but, Don't worry most women start feeling better by the end of the month. Your blood pressure and blood sugar may come down and you may feel tired. This is because the baby is also getting its energy and nutrition from you. You may be have increased frequency of urination. This could be due to the pressure of the growing fetus on your urinary bladder and also because of the increased blood volume during pregnancy, which could put additional strain on the Kidney.

Tests this month

The first-trimester screening test is done between 9 weeks to 13 weeks 6 days of your pregnancy. The test combines results from a blood test and an ultrasound to assess the risk of having a baby with Down syndrome. This test can detect some other abnormalities and may also tell if you have multiple pregnancies, for example, twins.

Warning Signs to watch for this month

German measles in the mother during the early pregnancy may cause malformations in the ear and hearing impairment in the child.

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