03 April

5. Know more about your baby and how you feel this month

How does the baby look this month?

By the end of the 5th month, your baby is almost the size of a Papaya. She/he measures 10 inches long and weighs from 200-450 gms. By 18 weeks fetus gets more lively and moves its head and face once in a while inside the amniotic sac.You may be wondering if your little one can see inside the uterus, now that the eyes are formed. Well, not completely, but they can appreciate the light. For it to see, the visual impressions have to be read by the visual area in the brain.

How would the mother feel this month?

Some women experience pain in the back and cramping in the legs. Back pain could be because of the additional weight of your pregnancy, because of which there is a strain on your lower back. You may get many compliments this month, that you look beautiful. This is because of something called the - Pregnancy glow. This could be due to increased circulation of blood and nutrients, especially to your face, hair, and nails.

Test to be done this month  

An ultrasound scan is performed at 18 - 23 weeks. By this time, the baby is much bigger and structures like the heart, kidneys, brain, facial features etc. are better developed and can be visualized. The aim of this scan is to ensure normality of all these structures, diagnose major and minor problems and arrange further investigations, counseling or follow-ups accordingly. This is called the 'routine anomaly scan'.

See this video to know more about scans during pregnancy - Ultrasound during Pregnancy


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