04 April

Month 8 - Know more about your baby and how you feel this month

How your baby looks

By the end of the 8th month, your baby is 42-46 cms tall and look as big as a Jackfruit.

He/she weighs 2 - 2.3 kilograms. 

Baby may assume a head-down position in the uterus this month and hopefully will stay that way until birth. By week 35, your baby will fill most of your uterus and it may be uncomfortable if she moves around.


You could be feeling

During this month all the symptoms that were troubling you the first few months come back, like increased urination, tender breasts and fatigue. You may also be experiencing heartburn, this is because your muscles are relaxed and this causes your digestive juices to splash up into the oesophagus and also your growing tummy.


Tests this month

You may get ultrasounds, to confirm the baby’s position, growth, and health. Electronic fetal heart rate monitoring checks to make sure the baby’s heart is beating properly. You may also get a test for group B Streptococcus from the swab in the vagina. If you are infected, you may be given some antibiotics.


Warning Signs

Increased ureteral diameter, increased urinary glucose and urinary stasis due to fetus compressing the bladder can all predispose to more urinary infections during pregnancy. Bleeding after the 28th week of pregnancy may indicate a true emergency. Bleeding may be very mild or extremely heavy and might be accompanied by abdominal pain. Causes of late pregnancy bleeding include problems with the placenta such as placenta previa, where the placenta is lower than the baby in the womb, and placental abruption, where the placenta comes away from the walls of the uterus. Please be aware of Signs of Premature labour - The symptoms can be - more than five contractions per hour, Heavy Bleeding from the vagina, swelling of the face or hands, pain during urination, sharp or prolonged pain in stomach, acute or continuous vomiting, sudden gush of clear, watery fluid from vagina, low, dull backache, intense pelvic pressure.


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