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Lower back pain duirng pregnancy

Pregnancy is a wonderful experience, a journey where every day is a new day with a different experience. Women go through a range of emotions, food cravings, food aversions and not to mention, all kinds of pains. In this blog, I would like to briefly touch upon the various reasons for the back pain which many women experience during pregnancy.

 Before we go ahead with the reasons for the pain. We need to understand the muscles constituting the lower body which is usually affected during pregnancy. The core of our body consists of lower back muscles, abdominal muscles and the muscles of the pelvic floor. The back muscles and muscles of the abdomen support the organs in our body, One purpose of the pelvic floor is to support the internal organs above it, and thus it is crucial to strengthen this muscle group, especially during pregnancy.

 Women in their second and third trimester complain of low back pain and sometimes pain in front of the hip bone. Low back pain could be due to the changes that occur to a woman’s body during pregnancy. During pregnancy the body produces a hormone called Relaxin  which as the name indicates helps in loosening the joints and ligaments around the pelvis in preparation for delivery. Secondly, due to the growing uterus the center of gravity of the women tends to shift forward and to compensate for this change the body tries to lean backwards and this could cause an additional strain on the back muscles. Pregnant women are described as having a waddling gait, walking like a duck, due to the extra weight that she is carrying. Abdominal muscles are also stretched during pregnancy. All this stretching could increase the pain. During the second trimester, there is also round ligament pain,(The round ligament connects the groin to the front area of the uterus) which can be a dull ache ora sharp pain in the abdomen, hip or even groin area. The reason  for this pain is because of the pressure of the additional weight that the round ligament has to endure to support a pregnant mother’s growing embryo.

So what are the treatment options for lower back pain?

 - As most pain medications are avoided or contraindicated during pregnancy, it is generally better to go the natural way. Mild exercises for the back are a good option, but always consult your doctor before you start with any       exercises. Walking is a great way to exercise throughout pregnancy. It is also important to sit in a chair with the back straight and with good lumbar support. Don't sit or stand for too long, you should stand up and walk             around the room every 30 minutes. Our bodies are meant to move, and if we stay in one position for too long, it will make our low back pain worse.

 -  It is crucial to strengthen pelvic floor muscles during pregnancy with Kegel exercises. Kegel exercises are  Strong pelvic floor muscles can assist during delivery. 

 -  It is also important to get the right kind of footwear. I have seen many pregnant women, complaining of heel pain due to improper footwear. Shoes should have good arch support. Please avoid his heels. High heels can             cause additional strain on your back and leg muscles.

 -  Practice some yoga asanas recommended for pregnant women. Please seek the advice of your doctor and also a proper yoga instructor before you start a yoga session. Some asanas should be avoided during pregnancy.

 -  Rubbing your back and slight massage and use of hot water backs for the back could provide some relief.

One additional support which could help in relieving back pain to some extent is the pregnancy belt, which is usually worn in the lower abdomen.

If you have severe backache which does not come down or a new onset back pain associated with bleeding could be a sign of danger and please consult your doctor immediately.

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