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Pregnancy Pillows during pregnancy

The discomfort you might feel with that big tummy of yours while sleeping might make you go sleepless. Pregnancy pillows are designed for comfortable sleep. It also reduces the pain in the back, hips and joints.

Pregnancy pillows are nothing but pillows for the changes in curves of your body as you progress through your pregnancy. Pregnancy pillows are more comfortable than stiff bed pillows. They come in more length than the regular pillows to support the complete body.

You can lounge on the couch with it, wrap it around your back while sitting on a chair and an extra pillow would be an advantage for putting behind while hugging the other.

You can go for a pregnancy pillow if you find difficulty in sleeping with the changes in your shape of the body.


How pregnancy pillows help you?

Blood Circulation: It is always good to sleep on your sides and even doctors recommend the same for the easy circulation of blood. The growing belly gets uncomfortable day by day and to the rescue comes the pregnancy pillows with soft and cushioning effect which can be adjusted to suit your abdomen or body parts.

Body Pain:  The pain and numbness in the back, neck, hips, knees and legs is common during pregnancy. Research studies show that 50-80% women experience a kind of lumbar pain through the and even beyond (2). If you have any lower lumbar or pelvic pain, pregnancy pillow is the best source of relief.

Sleeping Time: Sleeping for the right amount of time is always good for the health and during pregnancy with enough changes in body it is quite necessary to get a sound sleep. Maternity pillows are one to choose to get enough sleep to keep you healthy.


When to use?

There’s no particular time in your pregnancy to use a pregnancy pillow. However, from week 16 or so on when your belly starts to show up which reasons for the ligament pain and other pains, and therefore you require a pregnancy pillow.


Types of pregnancy pillows:

1. Pregnancy wedge pillow: The smallest of all the pillows also called maternity cushion.

You can use this pillow beneath your tummy to support the growing tummy and thus reducing the weight on the hips and back.

You can also it behind your back when you sleep on your side if you are used to tossing and turning and under your regular pillow raise your head from the normal height relieving from reflux and heartburn.

Types of pregnancy wedge pillow:

  • Round pregnancy wedge pillow
  • Triangular pregnancy wedge pillow.


Round Wedge Pillow: 

Boppy Pregnancy Wedge Pillow for PreNatal Support

As the size of the pregnant belly increases, the quality of sleep often decreases-until now. This innovative pregnancy comfort wedge by Boppy offers expectant mothers the extra belly support they need to sleep comfortably through the night. The lightweight yet dense design is easy to maneuver when rolling over. The luxurious, 360-thread-count cover is made of 100% cotton for extra softness and is easy to remove and machine washable. Makes a wonderful shower gift for new moms. Imported. 3-1/2Hx14-1/2Wx11-1/2D".


Triangular pregnancy wedge pillow:

Get It Wedge Pregnancy Pillow with Quilted Cover

It is ideal for women. Key features: 1) Can be used in multiple ways, such as for back support, belly support, head support, leg support etc. 2) Quickly restores to its original position after use and it's durable and long-lasting. 3) Gentle firm slope prevents lower back ache while sitting because of its shape and position. 4) Highly portable, can be used at the office, while driving or at home. 5) Made of high-density foam and lightweight. 6) Washable quilted with 100 percent pure cotton outer cover. 7) Can be used while nursing.


  • Inexpensive
  • Small and compact
  • Perfect to use while travelling
  • Multipurpose design allows supporting different body parts


  • Supports only a small section, therefore, you may need separate pillows
  • Requires a different head pillow


2. Full Pregnancy pillow: Long and supports along the length of your body. Just cuddle over it as it curls according to your body needs.

Types of Full-length pregnancy pillow:

  1. Straight half-length pregnancy pillow
  2. Flexible full-length pregnancy pillow

When used under your head and neck, it creates spinal alignment and prevents neck strain. 

  • Give your lower back a little extra support when sitting by placing the pillow behind you on a chair or in bed. 
  • Place it between your knees for spinal alignment and to prevent your knees from rubbing together in the night, causing soreness. 
  • You can also use this four-in-one pillow to elevate your feet and legs. 



Flexible full-length pregnancy pillow

This Range Of Pillows Contains The Premium Hq Fibres That Have Been Specially Formulated To Suit Delicate Pregnancy Needs. The Denier Of This Fibre Is Very Fine Giving It More Flexibility.


  • Supports your complete body
  • Relaxes your muscles. Therefore, you can have better blood circulation and breathing
  • Does not require an extra pillow


  • Offers less support for your back
  • Hard to wash
  • Occupies space on the bed


3. Total Body Pregnancy Pillows: They usually come in 5-6 feet in size and hence women of any height can nest in and cuddle in it. It is long enough to tuck between your knees and prevent back and hip pain.

Types of Total Body Pregnancy Pillows:

  •  C-Shaped
  •  U-shaped


MomToBe Pregnancy Solid Momtobe C Shape Pillow Advantages: Using Maternity Pillow Is Beneficial For Preventing Discomforts During Sleep.The C Shaped Pillow Are Custom Designed To Support Your Whole Body. Its Lower End Comes In Between Your Legs To Provide Them Assistance, While The Middle End Goes Around Your Back To Help The Vertebrae. This Relieves Pressure From Your Spine, Which Usually Aches Due To The Baby Weight You Hold On The Belly. 


MomToBe U-Shape Maternity Pillow

Momtobe Pregnancy Pillow Is A U-Shaped Pillow Has Two Contoured 'Legs' Designed By Doctors To Help Good Resting For Pregnant Women. Normal Resting Postures May Not Be Possible Or May Cause Discomfort During Pregnancy Due To Body Changes And The Growing Baby'S Weight. Momtobe Pregnancy Pillow Helps To Rest In Pre & Post Delivery By Comporting In Various Suitable Postures. The Multi-Functional Pillow Is Made Of 100 % Soft Cotton Cover Filled With Washable Anti-Bacterial Polymer Fiber Material.


  • Most supportive pillow
  • Does not require any extra pillow
  • The full body pregnancy pillows, especially the U-shaped, can also be used to support your toddler when breastfeeding.


  • Too expensive
  • Requires more space on your bed
  • Bulky 


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