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Post partum bleeding

Maternity sanitary pads are extra long and can withstand the heavy bleeding after delivery. Whether you have had a normal delivery or a C-section, the first few days after delivery expect to have a fair amount of bleeding.  You may need to change pads every 2 to 3 hours. This bleeding after the birth of the baby is called Lochia. Bleeding occurs from the point in the uterus where the placenta was attached. The placenta comes out of the uterus at the third stage of delivery. 

The bleeding may be heavy and sometimes mixed with clots. It is advisable to rest the first few days after the delivery as more activity can increase the bleeding. Breastfeeding the baby can actually help in reducing the bleeding. When you Breastfeed the baby, oxytocin is released by the body and this hormone helps in tightening and contraction of the uterus and helps in decreasing bleeding. 

The first few days after delivery the bleeding is heavy, it begins to reduce after a week or two and in the third week, you may need one pad per day. If the bleeding is continuing to be heavy after a week after delivery and if it is associated with pain please check with your doctor as it may be a sign of infection or it could be due to some fragments of placenta remaining inside the uterus. 

Always try to clean the area well with water and dry it. Using maternity pads can help. 

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