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Birth of triplets in 34 weeks of pregnancy
13 January

Birth of triplets in 34 weeks of pregnancy

A team of gynaecologists and obstetricians at a city hospital in Jaipur, India were able to help a 31-year-old woman, during the 34th week of her pregnancy, with high-risk pregnancy deliver healthy triplets successfully. 

 “ In her 34th week  of pregnancy with triplets - Rani was admitted to the hospital with complaint of pain in abdomen. Already a mother of three, she had also been through an abortion and a still birth,” Dr Shallu Kakkar, Additional Director, Gynaecology and Obstetrics, Fortis La Femme said. “Besides, she has not given any history of infertility treatment and had a spontaneous conception this time. 

“Patient was sent home after her pain was stabilised. It would have been risky to deliver the babies at that stage since it was too early. We managed her to continue with the gestation and advised follow-ups visits. At 34 weeks, elective cesarean section was advised to her as she was at a high risk of developing uterine scar dehiscence due to the previous cesarean as triplet pregnancy causes overstretching of scar,” she added

“Three infants weighing 1.4kg, 1.7kg and 1.5kg were delivered through the cesarean section. While two babies were discharged along with their mother after 3 days, the third baby had issues of sepsis and stayed at the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) of the hospital under Dr. Satyen K Hemrajani, Senior Consultant and Head of the Department, Neonatology. The third baby was successfully treated and discharged after 14 days of stay,” said Dr Shallu.



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