22 April

Is vaginal delivery possible with Twins?

Rani was pregnant with twins. She has been going through her regular appointments with the Doctor. The Doctor was very happy with the progress of her pregnancy. She has been doing well and so also her babies. today she had come for her 8 month appointment. As the delivery date was getting closer, Rani was getting a little anxious. She had heard from her friends that pregnant with twins means automatically a C-section delivery. So she asks her doctor about her chance of normal vaginal delivery.

The Doctor explains to her - “ Rani - You may have heard that being pregnant with twins means an automatic c-section. That isn't always true. When it comes to twins these days, about half come into the world vaginally. Labor and delivery could be more complicated with twins but you have to remember, no matter what way they are delivered, the end result has to be a safe delivery and birth of healthy babies

So Rani asks her doctor - So Doctor you are telling me that vaginal delivery is possible with twins?

Yes, Rani - Normal vaginal delivery is possible if it is an uncomplicated pregnancy. With twin pregnancy one needs to be extra careful and go through more rigorous check ups. The doctor will be monitoring the pregnancy frequently. If the women does not have any health issues like Pre-eclampsia and gestational diabetes, she may be able to try for vaginal delivery,

You don't have any health issues. In terms of the baby - It is more easier for the mother to deliver vaginally, If both babies are head down. This is called vertex/vertex. It's the most favorable  fetal position that twins can be in for a vaginal delivery, and it happens in about 40 percent of the time. You'll likely be able to go into labor naturally and attempt a vaginal birth. But sometimes, the perfectly positioned babies may also need to be delivered by C-section during delivery.

Sometimes the the first baby may be vertex and the second baby may be in breech (baby's buttocks or feet are positioned to be delivered first), It may be still be possible to deliver both babies vaginally but, it could be difficult. After the delivery of the first baby, the Doctor may have to apply manual pressure to turn the baby or may have to do a suction and extraction of the second baby.

Rani is happy to know that she does have a possibility of a normal delivery. She now asks her Doctor

What are the cases when Vaginal delivery is not possible and C-section is recommended?

Well, Some of the reasons when C-section becomes necessary are -

- The first baby is breech.

- The first baby is oblique. This means his or her head is pointing down but toward either of your  hips instead of the cervix.

- Both babies are in the transverse position. This means both babies are lying horizontally across the uterus. This positioning almost always results in a c-section.

- Baby (or babies) are experiencing fetal distress. Iff the baby shows signs of fetal distress during labor, then they may need a c-section immediately. Signs of fetal distress include changes in fetal heart rate, meconium (baby's first stool) in the amniotic fluid or diminished oxygen supply.

- Having triplets

 Rani seemed more relaxed now knowing that there is a possibility for vaginal delivery too. She knows the Doctor will do whatever she feels is good for Rani and her twins.

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