Exercise during the last trimester Exercise during the last trimester
12 January

The things you need to avoid in your last trimester

Well! You are in your last trimester and may be feeling you have been pregnant forever now. The good news is - you have another couple of months to go, the not so good news is you have to be extra careful now. This is the time the baby gains weight and is growing rapidly. This is also the time when you need to take care of a few things.

 Listed below are a few things you have to be careful about especially in your last trimester -

       1. Avoiding meat, especially if it partly cooked - Meat can be contaminated with a bacteria called  Listeria, that is highly toxic. It is one of the few bacteria that can past through the uterine wall and straight into the fetus.           2. Avoid having very hot showers or hot tub baths - It is good to have a quick and warm bath, but sitting in the hot tub for a long time can cause the heat in the water to increase the temperature and may not be good for             the baby.

       3. Exercising too much - It is very good to stay fit during pregnancy. Staying fit can help you not only during your delivery but also afterward. But, pregnancy makes your body respond differently than before. So, it is a                good idea not to push yourself too much. Pregnancy pushes your center of gravity and your muscles may also be strained because you are carrying an extra 8 to 10 kgs. Exercising too much, too heavy, or too often can            strain your pregnant body. Consult with your doctor about the right regimen for you. Give yourself a little space to relax and enjoy your pregnant body.

      4. Kick count - It is always good to be aware of baby’s movements. Keep a note of the number of kicks a day. Although you don't have to have an exact count, it is good to note an approximate number and if you feel that            the baby has been particularly quieter and notice a marked decrease in kicks - it is good to seek your doctor’s opinion. The kicks and movements of the baby do come down during the last month, as there is not much              space in the uterus for the baby to move around. But, marked decrease or absence of movements the whole day can be a sign of danger. Do not neglect it.

     5. Exercising too little - We talked about exercising too much, not exercising at all can also be bad. Not exercising can lead to slower metabolism, higher stress levels, and lower stamina during birth.  Walking is really                     beneficially for multiple reasons and it can help keep you in shape. It can decrease your chances of having gestational diabetes and it can be a good excuse to get some fresh air or catch up with a walking friend.

     6. Eating too much - You are eating for two. But, Just because you are pregnant, does not give you a right to eat whoever and whatever you want. Remember you are eating is supposed to be to nourish you and your                  unborn baby. You should eat when you are hungry and make sure to have healthy, protein filled snacks in between your meals. But do not overdo it. Eating oily, spicy food once in a while is OK. but, you also need to be            supplementing with foods that are rich in nutrients. Think salads, fruits, and vegetables.


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