12 January

The Pregnancy - Week 20

You are almost halfway through your pregnancy. It is time to feel good and relaxed and enjoy your pregnancy.  Your uterus may be felt almost close to your belly button.  This week symptoms of vomiting and nausea may also have come down.  You would have increased close to 3 kgs from your pre-pregnancy weight. In the second trimester, you may gain almost 1 kg every month.

In this week of pregnancy, you may also some stretch marks on your abdomen

The baby’s reproductive organs may have developed by now. You may be able to feel the movements of the baby well, sometimes of the day and sometimes you may hardly feel any movements. The baby may be beginning to practice breathing although lungs are probably the last organs to develop. Baby’s organs are still developing.

At this stage of Pregnancy, You have to take care of yourself and take rest when possible and be happy and stress free. You should do mild exercises and have nutritious food and continue to take your prenatal vitamins.

You may be able to notice some skin changes.  Nothing to worry about – it's from the extra estrogen. You may also have patches of darkened skin caused by a temporary increase in pigment. These darker patches may appear on your upper lip, cheeks, and forehead. they are called the mask of pregnancy. they usually fade away after pregnancy. But if it bothering you may use some moisturizer. 


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Pregnancy brings a new meaning to the concept of beauty to a woman. It is a period of immense joy, excitement and anxiety. The feeling of carrying a little soul within you is beautiful.

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