15 January

The Pregnancy - Week 21

This is the 21st week. Are you eager to know what the baby eats while in your tummy? Well, you will be surprised to know that your little baby is actually drinking some amount of amniotic-fluid every day and keeping its digestive system active. And it is said that the taste of the amniotic fluid is dependent on the diet of the mother. So you have to eat nutritious and delicious food.

The baby’s circulatory system would also be well developed by now and the baby would also be experiencing hiccups and his or your eyebrows and eyelids would also be well developed by this week. The baby’s auditory system has also developed and the baby may be also able to hear you too.  So - Go ahead! Start singing to your little one or read good stories for your little one. This can have a good effect on them. It is said that the babies can recognize their mother’s voice.

Pregnant women in this month may experience pain and swelling in the legs. You should try to keep a pillow between your legs when you sleep in the night and this can help in relieving the pain. You should not be standing in a place for a long time. The pain in the legs could be because of the extra gain in weight during pregnancy. Take care and avoid wearing high heels and wear comfortable footwear.


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