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The Urine pregnancy test which can be easily done at home is called a Home pregnancy test. This test can be done 5 to 7 days after you miss your period. There are several pregnancy test kits available in the market. You can buy these test strips in any pharmacy over the counter. All home pregnancy tests read the same thing:  they measure the level of a hormone called HCG

that your body only produces when you're pregnant. The price of these kits ranges anywhere from Rs 60 to Rs 100.


The pregnancy strip basically detects the presence of hormone HCG in the pregnant women’s urine. The hormone HCG begins to be produced by the placenta after the fertilization and once the embryo is formed and gets attached to the uterine wall. Although the HCG begins to be produced approximately one week after conception, and there is hCG in your urine — but not enough for standard home pregnancy tests to pick up. That means if you test just seven days after ovulation, you're likely to get a "false negative" even if you're pregnant as there is not enough hCG in the urine yet.


To ensure an effective result, you must test  5 to 7 days after a missed period and also the first urine after waking up in the morning. The test can be done by adding a few drops of urine from a dropper which is usually provided in the kit into the small well in the strip. Within a few minutes, the results can be seen in the other window of the strip. A single line indicates  - No Pregnancy and if two lines are seen the test is positive and indicates Pregnancy.  Urine Pregnancy test is 99% accurate, but one should always see a doctor and get the additional test, like blood test and ultrasound done to confirm the pregnancy.


Some women are more comfortable with a pregnancy test kit of a branded company. But the generic brands have been proven to be just as accurate as the brand name tests, as long as the test is done around five to seven days after you've missed your period. 

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