15 January

The Pregnancy - Week 28

In this week the doctor tells you a few things about gestational diabetes. 2 to 3 % of pregnant women could have gestational diabetes. That is the reason that all pregnant women are checked for gestational diabetes. This GD is usually seen during 24 to 28 weeks of pregnancy. GD is because of pregnancy hormones released by the placenta.

These hormones do not allow the insulin hormones which are responsible to keep our sugar levels normal, function properly and because of this the blood sugar levels in the mother begin to increase. Initially, the doctor tries to reduce your blood sugar levels by putting you on a proper diet and exercise routine, but if this does not control the sugar levels then you may be put on insulin injection. If Doctor prescribes insulin injection then no need to worry, this is only to bring down your sugar levels. This will not affect the baby. But without treatment, the sugar levels may rise and may not be good for the baby. Pregnant women may not show any symptoms of GD. That is why every pregnant woman is checked for GD during 24 to 28 weeks. To do this depending on the weight of the pregnant lady, you will be given a glucose solution to drink, for example, for a lady weighing 60 kgs, a glucose solution of 75 grams is given and the blood test is done after 1 and 2 hours respectively. If the blood sugar after one hour is more than 180 mg/dl and after 2 hours it is more than 155 mg/dl then this test is considered positive. By detecting GD early and by appropriate treatment there will be no problem to the mother or to the baby, but neglecting it could cause a lot of problems.


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