15 January

The Pregnancy - Week 31

You are very hungry and feel like having something yummy and sour. Make sure that your food contains lots of vegetables as the next few weeks of pregnancy is very important and the weight of the baby and the mother tends to increase. Till now you have gained almost 9.5 kgs and this weight includes the weight of the baby, placenta fat, uterus and amniotic fluid.

You are also troubled by acidity. This happens because all the muscles in the pregnant women tend to relax during pregnancy and the digestive juices from the stomach tend to sometimes go back into your food pipe or oesophagus. Eating frequent but small meals and avoiding fatty and spicy food can relieve the pain of acidity. You are also able to see swelling of some veins in your leg. This could be due to weight gain. Some exercise and wearing socks could relieve your swelling.

The baby’s weight is increasing and the bones are getting hardened. The baby needs more and more nutrition in the coming weeks. The baby is also swallowing some amniotic fluid. Next week Doctor is going to do an ultrasound and will be able to measure the amount of amniotic fluid and from this will be able to figure out the well being of the baby.


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Pregnancy brings a new meaning to the concept of beauty to a woman. It is a period of immense joy, excitement and anxiety. The feeling of carrying a little soul within you is beautiful.


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