18 January

From a baby boy to an adult male

A baby bot at the time of birth already has numerous immature sperm cells called spermatogonia. The pituitary gland is responsible for male sexual maturation too. Did you know that every day a man produces almost 10 million sperms, i.e almost 1000 sperms a second? Each sperm carries genetic material from the father. Sperms are produced in the seminiferous tubules of the Testes.

Once they mature they are stored in the epididymis, which is linked to the Testes. The sperm is 600th of a millimeter long. Can you imagine how small that can be? The head of the sperm contains the man’s genetic material packed together. The head of the sperm is protected by a cap-like structure called acrosome. This acrosome contains enzymes which help the sperm in penetrating the wall of the ovum. The male body forms new sperms from sexual maturity all the way till a very advanced age. While a women’s eggs are formed during fetal stage itself. Thus you may hear news of men becoming fathers very late in their life too. Women, in general, produce one egg per month, man can produce millions of sperms. At each ejaculation, a man can produce almost 500 million sperms cells.


The testosterone is produced by the testicles at puberty and from there it travels through the bloodstream to its target cells the root of hairs and is responsible for the growth of hair on the chest, arms, and legs of a young man.

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