Most pregnant women are worried when they enter into the eighth month of their pregnancy about the position of their baby. They are worried about when their baby would turn in to the head facing down position towards the birth canal ready for birth and delivery. This process can take place at different times for each mother and this causes nervousness and tension amongst pregnant women as they are unsure of when to expect this positioning to happen. I would like to cover this topic in this blog.

After a few weeks of false contractions or Braxton-hicks contractions which are called practice contractions, it may be time for the true labor. So how does a true contraction feel like? The uterus is a muscular organ and it contracts and relaxes. This is nature’s way of pushing the baby out of the birth canal. Uterus would have expanded into a huge muscle by 9 months, so when this begins to contract,

Friday, 05 January 2018 12:32

Preterm labour

A delivery that occurs before 37 weeks is termed preterm labor. Preterm delivery is the leading cause of death in neonates and also in the baby’s first 28 days of life. Some babies may have health issues even after the 28 days.



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