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About the baby

Almost the size of a Rice Grain.

Your baby is 6-7 mm in length by the end of the first month of the pregnancy.

Two weeks after the menstrual period the follicle containing the ovum is ripe and roughly measures 2 cm in diameter and now begins to produce hormones. When the ovum is released by the follicle every month, it is captured by the fallopian tube and the ovum travels through the fallopian tube all the while being surrounded by nourishing cells.

Priya has been trying to get pregnant for the last couple of months. She is hopeful every month that she will miss her period, but is disappointed when she comes to know she did not. She has not been using any contraception also for the past 3 months. She does not seem to be getting pregnant. She approaches her doctor for some advice, about menstrual cycle, ovulation and fertility period.

Tuesday, 13 February 2018 14:53

Menstrual cycle

The menstrual cycle is a natural cycle and is seen to occur in a few mammals. Humans are one of the species who have this trait. Some species like dogs have an estrous cycle. They usually ovulate during this time and are fertile and are open to mating. They exhibit overt signs of receptivity, ranging from engorged and colorful genitals to behavioral changes like mating calls. It is termed as “ being in the Heat”

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