Wednesday, 04 December 2019 15:02

Should we be worried about cholesterol?

My grandmother lived a happy life in to her nineties…. Her mantra was: Enjoy life - Work hard, Eat well, Be happy! She ate a healthy home cooked food everyday, never bothered to check on the carbs, fats, cholesterol or the calories in the food. We are natives of the coastal region of Karnataka, and our cooking had a liberal quantity of coconut in all its forms (grated coconut,coconut oil,coconut water), in our chutney, sambar or Payasa. My grandmother grew up cooking and eating all these and much more. Concerned about her health we would force her for an annual health screening.

Friday, 05 January 2018 12:24

High Blood pressure during Pregnancy

Pre-eclampsia happens in pregnant women usually after 20 weeks of gestation. So what is Pre-Eclampsia? Pre-Eclampsia is the increased blood pressure and occurrence of protein in the urine, during pregnancy for the first time. Various organs of the mother can also be injured, like the eye, liver, Kidney, and brain. While some women may not show any symptoms, there may be some women who could show a few symptoms.



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