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Monday, 08 January 2018 17:18

Early symptoms of pregnancy

What are the symptoms of Pregnancy?

Starting pregnancy on a healthy note can make the next nine months lot easier. Taking a pregnancy test is the only sure way to know that you are pregnant. There are some early symptoms of pregnancy, but it may not be seen in all pregnant women. Symptoms are things which you experience, while signs are the changes seen in your body by the doctor.

Friday, 05 January 2018 12:35

A new life begins

Around 5 million sperms are seen in the ejaculate of a man. The sperms released during an ejaculation, swim their way from the vagina to the fallopian tube. Their end goal is to fertilize the ovum -the egg of the female. But, to reach the end goal, they have to pass through multiple hurdles - the recesses in the cervix, vagina, and the uterus or the White blood cells which may be present in the woman, if she is suffering from any infection. 


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