In this section, we will be posting recipes every month. Every month we will pick one nutrient and explain the importance of it in our nutrition section and in this section we will be posting a recipe which contains that substance. 

Peanuts whether in the form of sweet Chikki or yummy masala peanuts or just peanut salad is packed with nutrients. They can be a healthy snack during pregnancy. 

100 grams of cooked rajma contains 25 grams of fiber nad 25 grams of protein. That explains why it is so useful for constipation - The fiber content!

Dahi vada is a popular north Indian snack which is made during special occasions and festivals, in the south, it is called Thayir vada. This tasty snack consist of fried urad dal vadas dunked in a creamy whipped curd topped with spicy and sweet chutneys in the north or just garnished with coriander leaves and curry leaves in the south.

Lemon and ginger juice

Clean around 1/4th inch piece of ginger, grate it and add it to one glass of water along with 2 tablespoons of sugar and bring it to boil like you do it for ginger tea.

You have heard of spinach dal, palak paneer and but have you heard of spinach dosa. Well! Spinach Dosa is the recipe of the month this time. This recipe is reasonably quick and easy and does not require fermentation. 

Spinach/Palak dosa

1/2 cup of Spinach puree made from fresh spinach ( washed, blanched and  ground)

Dates and Banana milkshake - That sounds yummy to begin the day. To know the nutrition value of Bananas and dates and how and why it is healthy during pregnancy, please read this article 

Ragi Dosa - Healthy, satisfying and provides you with a good amount of calcium to keep you going for the day. Try out this recipe


This month we will be sharing with you the recipe for Moong dal dosa or Pesarattu. The cereal and pulse combination makes this recipe a good source of quality protein. Read about proteins during pregnancy here

Recipe - Moong dal dosa or Pesarrattu

These thin, crisp dosas made of moong dal and rice make a terrific breakfast, especially during your first trimester. These are also called as Pesarattu in Telugu.

You can add parboiled rice to the recipe to make it more nutritious and to increase the fiber content.


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